Hi, my name is Jasmin Barnes, my journey started one bad hair day! Bored with my super thick, frizzy hair and worried about damaging my hair from everyday styling, I gave a wig a try!  It gave me freedom from everyday straightening, blow-drying and a little extra boost of confidence.  I was determined to share this with others. 


     My business started catering to hair fashionistas, women who simply want to change up their looks for fashion and to keep up with the latest hair trends without exposing their hair to harmful chemicals and damaging natural hair. But slowly, I saw the huge need for my medical customers as well. These are the women undergoing chemo therapy treatments and radiation, menopausal women, women with alopecia, etc.


     I started to research how I can help women feel great again from the inside out.  From talking to my customers, I have identified a common problem - low self-esteem, low self confidence. Women feeling embarassed with how they look- the feeling of being unattractive or wanting some change.  Hairloss cause depression in women.  It can be triggered by stress, aging, low immune system, hormonal imbalance, etc. There are many reasons but I know I have one solution. Wigs have slowly become a part of a woman's daily ootd and wardrobe! 


     My sweet reward is when a woman finds the perfect hairpiece and her eyes begin to light up again! This is when I see the real woman inside! She sometimes shed tears of joy.  I believe that when a woman feels empowered and beautiful from the inside out, they can take on the world to do bigger and greater things. This is when I realized, I found my passion.                                            


xoxo, ~ Jasmin

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