Growing up, I was dreaming of having a full long length hair....sadly, my genes did not afford me to have one, so I just kept on dreaming, until I met Jasmin and tried on the hair pieces she has on her website and voila, instantly my dreams came true - in several styles and color! Straight, curl, full, half, bob cut, I tried 'em all! Or should I say I have 'em all. It took a few times for me wearing the hair pieces, that I did not know, I was hooked and wore it like my's a matter of getting used having one on and pretty soon it translated into confidence ...I had everyone fooled except those that I get to see everyday of course - my husband, kids and co workers... Jasmin does not only have wonderful hair pieces for all kinds of "hair needs", she has a wonderful personality and a kind heart...she also has tutorials on YouTube that will come in handy when you're at home. So ladies come and try out, you'll never leave "empty handed"-that is without buying one. 

Lolita Portiz


You have no idea how happy your donation made these women here in the clinic today!!! There is a special place in heaven for people like you. The smiles on these women’s faces is priceless J Thank you sooooooooo very much for your donation!! 

Mary, Rani, Carol & Lori 

RN’s in the oncology infusion clinic ARMC Colton, CA 

Hello Jasmin, I received my wig and I LOVED IT!!!!!!! I`ll soon post a few pics of my new look on my Facebook!!!!!! 

Babi Pizziolo


"Change your hair as often as you change your mind"- A beautiful line that inspired me to experiment with my looks by changing the style of my hair. I believe My Wig Studio has given a new and 'Improved' definition to beauty and style . The wigs available are simply awesome ! I'm really glad to get 'Natasha' full wig and 'Esther' full wig. Natasha's natural soft curls and esther's long and beautiful hair makes me feel so graceful and elegant from within and without. I believe having beautiful hair is one of the most cherished desire of any girl and thanks to My wig studio and of course Jasmin who helped me to fulfill this dream. The services are just excellent. It feels amazing to enjoy the international hair styles , here sitting in India. I will love to continue shopping from My wig studio in the future & suggest all the people who are reading this to atleast once give a chance to yourself and see the miracle !! Thanks! 

Person's NameRatnanjali Sharma


Thank you Jasmin for all that you do for others with your My Wig Studio business! I love my wig! I always wanted long, thick beautiful hair! Now, I do! I just snap on the wig, and off I go! I love all of the compliments I get from family and friends such as - "You look great! ", "You look better every time I see you", "You look really, really good. There's something different about you, but I'm not sure what it is?" Even my own family members didn't recognize that I was wearing a wig. They were really impressed with how real it looked and well it blended with my hair. Thank you Jasmin for bringing so much joy to my life! 

Heidi Kleeman

Upland, California

I love my wig! I bought a wig from a wig store in San Diego a few months ago and then a few weeks later your wig arrived (the Vivian)...yours is BY FAR better. It looks better and more natural, and doesn't feel like I'm wearing a wig! ♥ it!  

Laura Boren

San Diego, California

Jasmin, I love both of the wigs I got from My Wig Studio! The first one, solid black with long waves, is perfect for dressy occasions. I love that one so much that I even wear it with my everyday outfits. The second one, black with red streaks, is super trendy and so far I've received tons of compliments on it. No one ever asks if I'm wearing a wig. Instead, everyone asks how I always have perfect hair. :) Thanks again! 

Gayle DeLa Cruz


What I love about My Wig Studio is the amazing service. Jasmin Barnes is so amazing, and she is very knowledgeable about her products. Being a full time nurse and a mother to two amazing active kids, I often have no time to fix my hair and be glamorous . My worst fear is being invited to a wedding or work related parties, because I have no idea how to "glam-up my hair". I always have the same boring hair style. Until I discovered My Wig Studio!!! I never knew wigs can help build the confidence that I needed to feel glamorous again! Jasmin always help me find the best wig or hairstyle that suits my need. Now I always get compliments from my friends about my hairstyle, and little do they know I owe it to My Wig Studio.

Janet Arqui

Fontana, California

Being a mum of two, I am always busy and on the go. I've had my more than fair share of the so called "bad hair days". I am also still nursing my daughter so hair chemicals are a big no-no for now but I am really missing my long curly hair with colour and foils. So when I chanced upon My Wig Studio and Jasmin through a common friend, I thought I could give this a try! I would like to especially thank you, Jasmin for being so accomodating to me and my enquiries. I felt like I found a long lost friend when I started chatting with you! I also appreciate how you were not concerned on just making a sale/profit but making sure that I will be happy and comfortable with my first ever hair piece. Thank you too for being so encouraging by giving me tips and advice on how to nail wearing one. Add to that, your fast and efficient service turnaround too! Fast forward to receiving my hairpiece - I am ecstatic as to how pretty it is. I am also very excited how I can have glamorous hair in a matter of seconds on special occasions, getaways or just whenever I need it! Very handy for a busy mum like me. All the best Jasmin, my new found friend, dear sis! chat to you soon! 

The Ooh Soo Busy Mumma from Down Under ​

Melbourne, Australia ​

I always work 6 days every week, dont have time to go to a salon if i have an evening out, when my cuz introduce me to Jasmin,i never stop buying, the hairpiece are of great help especially if you dont have the time, it will really make a NEW YOU.

Mercy Ang

Brentwood, California​

This is to let you know how thankful I am to God for meeting you and having you as one of my very good friend. Since I was very young, like in high school I've been wishing that all the salon has wigs to try first so I can find out if the style or color of hair fits me or not. I've been searching for so many many years... And when I've met you finally there is somebody that have wigs and a lot of different styles, lengths, colors of such beautiful wigs. I have been enjoying the different wigs that I've got from you, my dear friend. In addition I am also enjoying the different hair extensions that are so easy to use and put. I have saved a lot of money by using your wigs and extensions whenever I need to go to an special event. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to wear them. I saved time & money from going to a salon just to have a thicker, gorgeous hair every time I needed it. Thanks for being so patient in teaching and showing me how to wear them and for take of them. I appreciate you a lot and of course all your wigs and extensions as well. You are Awesome! 

Camille Bongga

Rancho Cucamonga, California​

Great, great, great hairpieces! Definitely looking forward to expanding my collection. :) The quality is top notch and Jasmin an expert in helping anyone find the perfect hair color and style. Thanks so much! 

Mary Grace Pastrano

Riverside, California​

We used the wigs from My Wig Studio on a one night only Magno which was a hit with the Filipino community. The wigs stayed on, felt real and so easy to manage. The price is very reasonable for the high quality you get. hats off to My Wig Studio! 

Bernie Kimmerle

Los Angeles, California​

Thanks Jasmin for the hair extensions that I bought from MY WIG STUDIO. I feel comfortable wearing it. I can easily change my hairstyle. For me, it's a hair accessory and I receive a lot of compliments whenever I'm wearing it. I love it!!!  

Rebecca Burman

Valencia, California​

Can u do more wig videos with different wigs (if yes thank you) :) i love wigs jasmin barnes im a big fan of my wig studio I'm 13.

Chloe Berry 


Just got the most BEAUTIFUL WIG and Extensions from MY WIG STUDIO. I wore it the first day and already received soo many compliments from the HAIR salon :). I love, love My Wig Studio! 

Michaella Deshaw


Love my wig. Its so pretty. Thank you. I cant wait to order more while my hair grows out again.

Jenn Haglund


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